The long-awaited day when it would again be possible to live in the open has arrived.

Carte Postale

For the first time, we openly mailed a postcard, directly through the Post Office, to our aunt Alma, who, we hoped, had remained in our adoptive home town of Ste-Lizaigne.

Mme Meyer
à Ste Lizaigne (Indre)

October 12, 1944

Dear aunt!

We write this card to you in order to let you have news from us. How are you? We are very well. We are in good health as we hope you also are. We are still at the same place since April 5, 1943. Alfred joins me in sending you many strong hugs.

Ernest Mauricet

Address: Ernest & Alfred Mauricet
c/o Mme Aubert
near Vernoux (Ardèche)