Madame Sabatier of the OSE came regularly to the farm in order to check on us, pick up our mail and to pay our warder—the widow Aubert—as there was no altruism involved in the harboring of these children. Mrs. Sabatier worked with the "Réseau Garel," underground operatives dedicated to rescuing Jewish children from the tentacles of the Teutonic killing machine. Financial support provided by the "American Joint Distribution Committee," "The Joint," was smuggled into France by trusted volunteers with the courage to cross the border with Switzerland, coming and going, at the risk of their own lives. One such "mule" was the wife of Dr. Elise Cogan of "Le Masgelier" as it was presumed that courageous and altruistic Mrs. Cogan, being a Christian, was possibly less exposed than a Jewish person might have been.

Letter from Mrs. Sabatier

Coincident with our first direct letter to our loved ones, Mrs. Sabarier also addressed them a much awaited letter which no doubt reached them at the same time as our postcard; it seems, from its content, that our parents had not the slightest idea as to the whereabouts of their two boys.

Valence, October 13, 1944

Dear Madam,

Today, via Rabbi Chili, I received with pleasure your letter from Issoudun. Herewith then is where your two boys are:

Mrs widow AUBERT "La Blachette"
near Vernoux-Ardèche

One gets there via either the right or the left bank of the river Rhône—on one bank it's the town of Valence and, on the other, it's the town of St. Peray from where the bus leaves for Vernoux. Once in Vernoux, it's a quarter of an hour walk to the farm where your big boys are.

I already wrote to you, dear Madam, as I had a mind to enroll the two children as interns in a Lycée, a secondary school. Please let me know, in case you should decide to go pick up your children, if you are in a position to ensure their education yourself, or, if need be, contact the Service OSE, in the Indre Departement.

I like these two children a whole lot, they are good kids and very good students. May I ask you to please come to my place, if you go pick up your children, or would you prefer that they be taken to the Indre area, in which case, I would have someone accompany them.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mrs. Renée Sabatier, Social Worker
55 avenue Jean-Jaurés
Bourg-lès-Valence (Drôme)