Alfred was enrolled in the local Elementary School taught by a Mr. Donges, a descendant of Huguenots expelled from France in the 17th Century because of their refusal to convert to the "true faith" (Catholicism).

Mr. Donges, obviously a decent sort who knew something about religious persecution, wrote to our father informing him that he was sorry, Alfred could not participate in school year-end festivities; he suggested that my parents find a way to explain my exclusion in a manner which would not traumatize me.

Father kept this letter for years as proof to himself of the decency of some of his compatriots.

Alfred Moritz, Becherbach, 1936
Alfred Moritz, Becherbach,
1936. First day of school.

Father knew full well that, with the Nazis now in power for three years, the poor schoolteacher was allowed no initiative of any kind and was at the mercy of his new Nazi masters.

His letter in reply to the teacher strained for sarcasm while, at the same time, apparently commiserating with poor, decent Mr. Donges, especially since other schoolmasters handled similar situations with less compassion, in that they simply expelled their Jewish students.