This state of affairs—of being hunted like an animal—was the culmination of two millennia of blood sport, starting with the Roman subjugation of the proud, stiff-necked Israelites; through the murderous anti-judaism of the Holy See; the Holy Church which assumed the trappings of the Roman Empire, and undertook the Holy Crusades; the Holy Inquisition; all ultimately led to the poisonous and murderous diatribes of the Sect founded by the monk Martin Luther in the Lands of the Holy Roman Empire—all self-defined as "holy," but adept at poisoning minds with a hatred which culminated in the murder-industry known as the Third Reich.

What, then, had been the crimes of these fugitives, that they merited such hardships?

Death certificate, Sophie Moritz
9 October 1840. Death Certificate, Sophie Moritz, née Moses, 1762, Becherbach